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I was born in Birmingham, England in 1962, which makes me the same age as Ata College!

After graduating from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1984 with a Joint Honours degree in French and German, I started teaching English as a foreign language abroad.

 My first teaching job was in Africa in Sudan at Ed Damazin High School for girls in the Blue Nile Province. After the school year finished, I did a few months’ voluntary work at a refugee camp for IRC, the International Rescue Committee, in their feeding program just outside Gedaref .

Next, I worked in Turkey in Istanbul at Kultur Koleji in Bakirkoy for a year. Although I love Istanbul and was to return again and again, it was too European for my sense of adventure, so I returned to Africa.

However, this time fate drew me to Manor House School in Cairo, Egypt, where I met my future husband, William Chilton. We worked together at Manor House for two years, before changing schools. I went to El Alsson, also in Cairo, where I was the remedial teacher for two years.

After so many years in Africa’s biggest city, we decided to move somewhere smaller. Having spent many summers travelling around Turkey, we applied to Ibni Sina Lisesi, near Iskenderun and were accepted. We came to Hatay in 1990 and have been working here ever since.











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     Halloween Party 2016

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